Sunday, May 1, 2011

Justin Bieber and his movie

Ok, so I am announcing to the world I saw the Justin Bieber movie. I wasnt "excited" to see the movie. But I will admit, it did make me appreciate him more.

Justin Bieber seems like some sort of child prodigy that all the asian parents wish thier kids could be like.

I give props for the kid for a few different things:

Legit Skills
My ignorant self used to think that he was a no talent kid who got people to love him by yelling "BABY BABY" just like B Spears did at age 16. But after the movie, I was impressed with his drumming skills at such a young age. If you don't know what I am talking about check out this YouTube video.....

Success by YouTube
I also want to give props to JB because he wasn't your typical teenage celebrity. Most kids these days come from some sort of Disney show like Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Britney Spears and others. JB was discovered on YouTube and wasn't tainted by some Disney dream.... Way to break the mold.

I dont love or hate JB, in fact a number of things about the movie bothered me.

Screaming girls
This is the most ridiculous thing about Bieber is those girls who FREAK when they see him. Never in my life if I met ANYONE would I freak out like they do. Ages 5-99 all girls love him... its creepy

The Movie
Ok Bieber has skills, but comeeee onnnnn... A MOVIE??!?!? he isn't THAT awesome people. A movie about Mark Zuckerberg is awesome, there is actually a story behind the maker of Facebook. But Justin Bieber? "Look at me I have 10 days to a show, lets record myself !" stupid..

I dont understand while people say "Beiber hair" ... his hair isn't unique, its like EVERY other teenage kids hair. My hair as a teenager was just as sexy as Beiber's if not MORE sexy.

exhibit A:

ok, Bieber swoops left, I swoop right... big difference!



  1. Seriously- this kid's got Skills!! I'm totally with you, I didn't realize that he actually had skills. You are the bomb for going with me and indulging me in my continued love for teen heart throbs.

    And don't hate on the screaming girls... I WAS those screaming girls for many years.

    And don't hate on the Disney machine. Britney, Miley, Sharpay, I LOVE THEM!

  2. HAHA- I love the comparison of hair. But I've gotta say- I'm with you in the labeling that style "Beiber hair" is SO RIDICULOUS! If anything, Troy Bolton had it first :).

  3. I love that you posted about Bieber. Makes me laugh!